Tombrokaw Blog Healthy teeth here are the myths to dispel according to the dentist

Healthy teeth here are the myths to dispel according to the dentist

Healthy teeth here are the myths to dispel according to the dentist post thumbnail image

Healthy teeth: here are the myths to dispel according to the dentist

From an early age we are taught the basic rules and good habits to take care of our teeth properly: use toothbrush and floss morning and evening, go to the dentist at least once a year to get a deep cleaning, etc.. But we are confident that we know everything that is important for healthy and beautiful teeth? Thanks to advice from the Dr.

Malacrinò, Milan center manager Sanident, We investigated what popular misconceptions Italians have about mouth and teeth care.

  1. Whitening treatment is not dangerous for teeth.

“The products used for whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which work together to remove stains and changes in enamel color, but they are also very aggressive, so the advice of a qualified dentist is essential: do-it-yourself kits can make the tooth hypersensitive, a very difficult nuisance to treat once the process is triggered. Also, this cosmetic treatment does not work on fillings and caps so without the help of a dentist you risk creating more damage than you originally had.

  1. You should not fill cavities on baby teeth.

Wrong! Baby teeth are the basis for permanent teeth, and their health should not be jeopardized just because they are destined to fall out anyway. Children should become accustomed to the figure of the dentist from the age of one, making periodic checkups to make sure that potentially harmful cavities do not develop and giving the little one the chance to face visits with peace of mind.

A good practice is molar sealing: these teeth are very important for the development of proper dentition and chewing, and children often struggle to follow proper oral hygiene; in this way, a paste is applied that closes the grooves in the teeth, making the surface more even, simplifying daily brushing.

  1. Red or irritated gums are not a problem.

Few people realize the importance of having healthy gums, but it is actually not a small problem: the stability of the teeth depends on the health of the gums, and if they are red or irritated, it means that a buildup of bacteria is occurring, which in the long run can become problematic.

There can be many different causes, but this is precisely why it is necessary to talk to professionals who will make a real assessment of the condition of the mouth and suggest the best practices to put in place.

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