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Ear piercing where to do it

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Hole in the ear, where to do it

Women and men, as adults or children, may want to have their ears pierced. One may be afraid of the pain of piercing or have doubts about where to drill the holes (in fact, in addition to the classic hole, there may be other places on the ear where to put earrings). We always choose well where to make the holes to avoid subsequent infections and thus annoying earaches.

Ear hole, to avoid infection

To avoid infection, it is good to do ear piercing at pharmacies: here an experienced and qualified operator will practice safe drilling.

This is the ideal place to take children when they want their first ear piercing: pediatricians recommend to do it after the age of 6 years, but this does not detract from the fact that you can already before.

At the pharmacy, every mom will be more sure that the hole is made respecting hygienic standards and there is less risk of allergies or rejection.

Among other things, also in pharmacies, simultaneous piercing methods have become popular, which allow the holes to be made in both ears at the same time: this is precisely to prevent the child, after the “pain” of the first hole, from not wanting to do the other in the second ear as well.

Here you can be sure that all the necessary hygienic rules are followed in the best possible way.

In the specialized centers

Again, piercings can be performed at the specialized goldsmiths o i piercing centers (in the latter case, more detailed techniques of holes and piercings can also be done).

Here, too, one is sure that the most careful hygienic and sanitary standards will be respected, but these are places “frequented” mainly by teenagers who want the second or third hole or more particular piercings.

In any case, whoever performs the puncture, in addition to complying with sanitary regulations and performing it professionally, must illustrate the best ways to take care of the hole after it is made to prevent it from getting infection.

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