Tombrokaw Blog New Antimalarial Drug Developed by the Tropical and Public Health Institute Kicks Off

New Antimalarial Drug Developed by the Tropical and Public Health Institute Kicks Off

New Antimalarial Drug Developed by the Tropical and Public Health Institute Kicks Off post thumbnail image

New Antimalarial Kicks Off, Drug Developed by Switzerland &#8217s Tropical and Public Health Institute

Developed Active Ingredient Against Malaria by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute ’ Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. Product that acts quickly and effecttively against the Two Most Dangerous Parasites, Plasmodium Falciparum and Plasmodium Vivax, Showed Great Promise During Laboratory Trials. According to Indications in The Articles Published in the Journal Plos Medicine, The Solution Was Created in Collaboration with a Pharmaceutical Company ’. The Main Advantage of the Substance Developed by The Basel-Based Entity is That It Acts Differently From The Artemisinin, Which is used toy and is now inadequate to Erandicate Certain Strains of Pathogeni. Another Relevant Advantage is That the Preparation Has Been Shown to be Effective Against Gametocytes, Or the German Cells of the Parasite, Which Mosquitoes, The Vectors, Transmit When Thring Humans; it would thus interrupt The Cycle of Transmission of the Disease, Spa It.

The Figure Just Published is the ’ Latest in A Long Series of, Observes Giovanni d ’ Agata, President of the “Rights Desk,” Even Though the Results Are Encouraging During Laboratory Tests That Confirm the ’ Effectcy of this Product. A Thorny Issue That Often Worries Many Travelers intent on Visiting The African Continent in Particular. Malaria, in Serious and Sometimes Deadly Disease is Caused, like Dengue Fever, by the bite of an infected mosquito. According to the Centers for Disease Control (Centers for Disease Control, ‘ Cdc.) Vivax, The P. Oval, The P. malariae and the p. falciparum. Malaria is present in More Than 100 Countries Around the World.

More than 40 percent of the world population is at risk of contracting the disease. Vast Areas of Central and South America, Haiti and Santo Domingo, Africa, The Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, and Oceania Are Currently Considered Entirely or Partially Malaria-Pope Areas. The World Health Organization Estimates that 300 to 500 Million New Cases Occhur Annually; More Than 1 Million People Die of the Disease Each Year.

About 1.200 New Cases of Malaria Are Diagnosed Annually in The United States (US). Most of these Cases are immigrants and travelers from malaria-pupone Areas, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa and the indian subcontinent.

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