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Allergies a site to learn much more

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Allergies: a site to learn much more

It is called Born from a group of doctors and experts for the prevention and treatment of allergies and the proper dissemination of Allergen Therapy, the only one – according to WHO – that can cure allergies. The project was created by cu_i integrated humanistic communication and is supported by Hal Allergy, a Dutch company involved in allergy research and treatment since 1959.

One in four Italians suffer from it today. In five years, unless something changes, one in two Italians will suffer from them. The World Health Organization places them among the top four most prevalent diseases in the world. Let’s talk about allergies.

An issue that affects virtually all Italian families. To address it in an in-depth and innovative way, a website was born that fills an information and knowledge gap.

The project is by a group of doctors, researchers, and specialists convinced that there is still a lot to know and be known about allergies. Overcoming a superficial conception that stops at treating the symptoms of allergies instead of addressing their causes. It is called

Making it possible was the non-binding contribution of Hal Allergy, the Dutch company that has been working in the field of allergies since 1959.

The project, its promoters explain, aims to develop knowledge of allergen therapies, or desensitizing therapies, which, according to WHO, are the only ones that can address the problem of allergies without limiting to symptoms but removing their causes.

The site includes articles, debates and videos. Content is structured to ensure immediacy and ease of search for information that is scientifically accurate and at the same time accessible to all, offering a novel tool on a complex issue that affects the quality of life of almost all Italian families.

The project stems from two basic considerations:

the first is that allergy is not "a life sentence". By intervening not on the symptoms but on the causes, Allergen Therapy represents a fundamental shift in perspective. It does not fight against an external invasion, but to improve a person's integration into his or her environment and thus, potentially permanently, his or her quality of life.

This shift in perspective is in keeping with a paradigm that is becoming increasingly established in medical theory and practice: moving from disease-centered medicine to person-centered medicine.

The second consideration concerns the need to grow information and knowledge on these issues. During the design of the site, the discussion with different stakeholders around the world of Allergen Therapy (physicians, patients, scientific informants, researchers) highlighted how there are still knowledge gaps, prejudices and cultural misunderstandings that are particularly heavy. Overcoming them means improving the lives of millions of people with allergies, and to do so, communication and correct information are crucial.

Which also means making sure that five years from now we don't have to say that one in two Italians suffer from allergies.

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