Tombrokaw Blog Hair loss there are supplements that help decrease it

Hair loss there are supplements that help decrease it

Hair loss, there are supplements that help decrease it?

There are medications and supplements in pharmacies that help solve the problem of hair loss. There are different ones depending on the problem that caused the fall, for example in the case of alopecia it is necessary to use medication, precisely because hair loss occurs in specific areas of the scalp consistently.

The medications that can be used are:

  • Finasteride, Blocking the action of hormones on the hair follicle. If you start treatment right away, there is a good chance of success. The only side effect of the drug is a slight decrease in desire, and in some cases even erectile dysfunction.
  • Minoxidil (Regaine 5%), in foam or lotions, it is used in almost all types of alopecia. It is applied directly to the scalp a couple of times a day and is successful in stopping hair loss after 3-4 months of treatment.

Cortisone or ketoconazole can also be used. It is always best to consult the doctor to get the right treatment.

On the other hand, if hair loss is due to stress, seasonal changes, pollution, smoking or when using cosmetic products that are too aggressive, there are various supplements That you can use them for several months (at least 3) by doing two cycles during the year (September to November the first and March to May the second).

These are supplements containing Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin C, which are useful for promoting hair and nail growth; they also usually contain other nutrients useful for collagen, which is essential for skin.

Other supplements also contain iron, so they are also useful for those suffering from anemia.

The main task of these supports is to strengthen hair, support their well-being, awaken follicle activity, and promote hair growth so that they are thicker and more vigorous.

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