Tombrokaw Blog Coffee because it does not make you sleep at night

Coffee because it does not make you sleep at night

Coffee, why it doesn&#8217t let you sleep at night?

It is thought that drinking coffee at night is bad for you because it does not allow you to sleep peacefully. This is due to the high amount of caffeine present in the drink and, in fact, this substance can have contraindications, leading to insomnia.

But coffee causes insomnia’insomnia?

But It is also true that insomnia is also caused by other factors, That are not necessarily related to caffeine.

In fact, many scientists agree that sleep disturbance resulting in difficulty falling asleep or not getting enough and continuous sleep at night is due not so much to caffeine and drinking coffee before bedtime but also to other factors.

These include taking medications, depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse, which can lead the disorder to become chronic. Therefore, rather than dwelling on the idea that it is coffee that keeps you from sleeping, assess how much caffeine you actually consume during the day and, only if it is really excessive, impute the cause of your disorder to this drink.

The amount of caffeine

In fact, the amount of caffeine intake is the element to be considered in order to understand if the not sleeping at night is due to coffee. The recommended daily dose of coffee is 300 mg (i.e., about 3 cups) taking into account that caffeine is also present in other drinks such as Coca Cola, hot chocolate or tea.

If you exceed this amount (or overdrink caffeine-laden drinks) you may experience the disorder of insomnia and may also have other symptoms such as hypertension, tremor, excitability, heartburn and tachycardia.

These symptoms, among other things, worsen in those who are not used to drinking coffee: these people, even just drinking a cup of coffee (no matter what time they drink it), could risk spending the night off.

Just as it is also true that many people who drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day, do not suffer from any problem.

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