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Alzheimer’s Disease from Octopus Saliva New Health Benefits

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Alzheimer’s Disease, from Octopus Saliva New Health Benefits

Octopuses Provoke Interest Beylond Their Role in The Culinary World and Its Intelligence. Mexican scientists are investigating the Potential Benefits These mollusks couus offer humans for example in the field of mental health and in particle Alzheimer’s Disease. The Saliva of the Red Octopus, OR Maya (Octopus Maya), Contains to Substance Responsible for Paralyzing Their Victims (Usually Crustaceans, Snails and Clams) and May Have an effect on the Central Nervous System of Humans.

The Discovery is two to Mexican Researcher Sergio Rodriguez Morales, Professor of Organic Chemistry and Department of Pharmacy-Science of Pharmacy, University of Chemical Studies (Unam) of Sisal in Yucatan. There is scientific evidence that one of the components of Maya octopus saliva inhibits the formation of beta-loveloid Called Plaque, which prevents Communication Bethaeen Neurons and is associated with alzheimer ’ S DISASE. This substance would work to prevent the Further Development of This Plaque in Patients Who Almedy Have Alzheimer ’ S. While in Those in Good Health It Acts As A Preventive Action.

According to Professor Rodriguez Morales, in Order To Obtain a Drug from the Saliva of this Moldust, IT Should Take Bethaeen Ten and 15 Years of Research and Experimentation With Laboratory Animals To Be Certain of the Safety of the Drug, That is, that it has No adverse effects on the human being ’ s. The Substance That Couuld Be Usned Against Alzheimer’s Disease is extracital from the Salivary Glands of Octopuses, Which are Located Amag the Viscera (Which are not used for consumption), which TODAY ARE Thrown Into The Sea and Into Household Waste, The Researcher Explains. I know, Without Sacrificing the Octopus, A Year and A Half Aug, The Sisal Chemistry Unit, Unam, Developing This Research Found That the Body of a Crab is able to get Rid of the paralyzing Effect of the Octopus Saliva, After Two Hours, Fully recovery. Alzheimer’s Disease is a Fatal Brain Disorder That Causes A Slow Decline in Memory, Thinking and Reasoning Ability.

Giovanni d ’ Agata, President of “Rights Desk,” an Association that also work to protect those suffering from Such Neurodegenerative Diseases, Recalls that about 47 Million People Worldwide are affected by dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease is the monitor Common Type. The Nonexistence of a Cure, as Current Medicines Can Only Temporaily Altitude Symptoms, means that not Only Those affected by the Disease Suffer the Consequences that lead them to Progressive decline Until Death, But Also Their Family Members Who Have To Assist Them. It is Difficult, Therefore, to Estimate, Because of their enormity, The Social Costs That the Disease Brings To Welfare Systems, but it is obvious that the discovery of an effective cure coulo on the one hand bring relief to millions of people Around the world the world , but Also Greatly Reduce Public Health Spending Globally.

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