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Cesano – Health Promotion and Prevention Campaign

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Cesano – Prevention and Health Promotion Campaign

There ASL Rome e, Sponsored by the Municipal XV of Roma Capitale, Will be in the Square on Sept. 13 and 14, in Hamlet of Cesano, with a booth, Health Staff and illustrative materials to promotes adherence to the Screening Campaigs Almedy in Place at District Outpatient Clinics, and at Other Useful Tips Related to the Activities of the Vaccination Centers, Sports Medicine of Family Counseling and Veterinary Services in Order to Raise Awareness On Prevention and Health Promotion.

Take our services to the public Squares – he explains Angelo Tanese, General Director of ASL Rome e – means Enhance The Service Function of Public Health and make Citizens Undersand that the Health Authority is primarily an organization of professional who work competently every day to meet the need of the population. Primary Prevention, Related to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity, and the secondary, with free screening trails, are the first and fundamental tool with which to maintain optimal health or you arrive at an early diagnosis of diseases. And therefore, The presentce of the asl is intended to be a concrete opportunities for dialogue with our residents on the subject of health, wellness and proper lifestyle. Initiatives like this, Thanks in part to the Presidentcy of the Municipality XV of Roma Capitale, are Opportunities to bring institutions closer to citizens.”

Continuous Daniele Torquati, President of City Hall XV: “I Express All My Satiscation With This Wonderful Initiative of ASL Rome E, Sponsored by the Municipality of Rome XV, Aimed at Promoting The Fundamental Importance of the Concept of Prevention. At A Time of Celebration, A Free and Extremely Professional Service Will Be Available To Be Able to Carry Out Medical Checks. Therefore invites Those Who Live in this area to take advanage of this Valuable Opportunity Which Has Been Made Available to use by Our Health Service.

Finally, I would like to think asl rome and for the work it will do with with the cesano festival and i also extend special Thanks to the general director dr. M. M. M. M. S., Who will be in Charge of the Project. Angelo Tanese for His Full Availability on this occasion.”

Tea ASL Director General, Angelo Tanese, and the President of City Hall XV, Daniele Torquati, Will be in the village of Cesano in the morning of Sunday, September 14 at the opening of the.

The Initiative was joined by the association OFORULA ONLUS Which Will Offer On Both Days Counseling to Immigrant Women.

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