Tombrokaw Blog Slimming down the natural way is possible with Slim-Fizz

Slimming down the natural way is possible with Slim-Fizz

Slimming down the natural way is possible with Slim-Fizz post thumbnail image

Slimming down naturally: you can with Slim-Fizz

Often regaining one’s ideal shape is difficult, despite one’s best efforts: the pace of life is increasingly hectic, and it is not easy to find time to eat properly and exercise regularly. Above all, there is a critical issue to be addressed: the nervous hunger attack. Without venturing into the pathological explanation, nervous hunger is that feeling of emptiness in the stomach that takes at times of great stress: it is not true appetite, but stems more from a Psychological need for immediate consolation and satisfaction. And, needless to say, the comfort food is the most gluttonous one, rich in fat and sugar … which are certainly bad for health and waistline!

There are, however, portentous natural remedies to quell this negative mechanism: for example, Slim-Fizz anti-hunger, based on glucomannan.

What is glucomannan? It is a substance extracted from the Konjac root: This plant has been known for thousands of years in traditional Eastern medicine and is strongly beneficial due to its own chemical composition. It is formed, in fact, 97% water and 3% of its own glucomannan, a natural gelling agent. It is precisely this property that makes it valuable for diets, because it makes one feel immediately fuller.

Slim-Fizz is a practical product sold by the specialized portal WeightWorld: it is Effervescent tablets to dissolve in water, giving rise to a delicious orange-flavored drink, that will immediately calm the desire to eat too much and badly. In addition to promoting weight loss, it also helps fight cholesterol and is even suitable for vegans and celiacs because it contains neither gluten nor lactose.

How it should be taken? It is good to stick to the indicated doses: a maximum of 3 tablets per day, each in a glass of water, to be drunk at least half an hour before meals, so as to allowing the gelling and anti-hunger action, reducing calorie intake. It is important to drink it immediately once dissolved in water…otherwise it will gel in the glass, demonstrating its incredible and natural effectiveness!

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