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Rheumatoid Arthritis Biosimilar Drugs How To Choose The Right Therapy

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Rheumatoid Arthritis, Biosimilar Drugs: How to Choose The Right Therapy

In Italy Alone there are over 300,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis. A Rheumatic Disease That Affects 1 in Every 200 People, Predominantly Women (About 75%).This is an autoimmune, disbeling, system inflammory disease that cana causes the patient pain and joint deformityfrom pain to loss of functional skilling.

People with This Condition Have An Impired Quality of Life. It is estimated that in Italy More than 25 percent of patients are partially limited in Their Professional and Leisure Activities, and 4 percent have complete disability.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Biosimilar Drugs

During the Recent Presentation of the position of the College of Italian Rheumatologists (Crei), A survey on the use of biosimilars in rheumatology, gastroenterology, and dermatology was released.

Dr. Enrico Fusaro, Director of Rheumatology at the Molinette-Città of Hospital Health in Turin and forms Crei Board Member

This study shows that there is an area of undertreatment affacting patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriotic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis, as well as for those with psoriasis and chronic inflammotory Bowel Disease. Prevaler data in Italy for the selected diseases were taken from the mons. The Number of Patient Eligible for Biological Was Taken from the Most Up-to-Date Guidelines and Scientific Literature Sources. AS for Drug Consumption, Market Data Were Used.

Out of a sample of 200.000 Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient, in Italy There are about 58.000 Patients Eligible for Treatment With Biologicals of Which Only 38.000 Are Actuary Treated. AS A RESault, in Italy, There are about 20.000 Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient on UnderTreetment. Consider the Main Autoimmune Diseases Involving Biological, it appears that in Italy there are about 200.000 Potentially Eligible Patient Not Treated with Biological, Ranging From 100.000 to 300.000.

Crucial, However, Continues to be early diagnosis

It is as as decisive, as the appropriate patient pathway starting with the medical doctor
General, Who Must Be Able to Recognize the Suspicious Sympoms of the Disease, to
get to the center that will have to be able to accommodate it quickly and set up the pathway
Diagnostic and Therapeutic. Biosimilars Represent An Opportunities Not Only to Control the
EXPENDITURE But Also to allocate Resources to as many patients as possible.

According to Eular’s 2017 Publication, All Biotech Drugs Were Put On the exact Same Footing At The Failure of Conventional Therapy.

How is it possible to choose the right therapy for people with this condition

Dr. Roberto Gorla, of Civil Spedali Rheumatology, Brescia, Italy

It is important to rationalize that before adopting a Therapy, it is necessary to know well the
Patient and try Him or Her with an ad hoc pathway designed specification for his or her needs. That said the
Most Widely Used Drug for the Treatment of Arthritis, The so-heer anchor drug, is the Methotrexate.

In the event of Drug Failure, Biological Drugs May Still Be used. At the time when the
Patient Shows a Stable Remission of the Condition It Can Even Come to the Reduction of the
Their dosage, up to, in some cases, eventual complete discontinuation. Situation, This One, Involving
Both Greater Economic Savings and a Lower Risk of Side Effects for the person in

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