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Acupuncture where to locate authorized centers

Acupuncture, where to locate authorized centers

L’acupuncture is a Chinese healing method counted among alternative medicines that is used to resolve certain physical problems related to tension, stress or emotional conditions. It is based on the assumption that in the human body there are channels, meridians, through which vital energy Qi flows.

Channeling the’energy through acupuncture

If this energy flows easily in the channels there is health, otherwise, if there is an obstruction, there are problems that can be chronic.

Therefore, needles to perform acupuncture will have to be inserted into the most problematic parts of the body by a doctor, and this is in order to clear the meridians and return the patient to health. Precisely because acupuncture cannot be performed by just anyone, it is good to choose the authorized centers in which to undergo these sessions.

In fact, only physicians and veterinarians can perform acupuncture.

In order to search for authorized centers closest to your home, you can consult these portals:

In the “find a doctor” section, search for the doctor by first and last name or click on the region on the map of Italy that is shown to view a complete list of doctors.

Another portal is:

Again, you will be able to search for the doctor based on your region.

The benefits of this practice are diverse, and those who take many medications together or pregnant women (who cannot take medications at this time) but also those with chronic conditions can undergo the treatments.

In addition, acupuncture, by facilitating the metabolic process, is also very useful for those who are dieting or athletes.

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