Tombrokaw Blog Professional midwives the first Academy in Italy is born

Professional midwives the first Academy in Italy is born

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Professional midwives: the first academy in Italy is born

Born for the first time in Italy L’Accademia Ostetrica, the On Line Specialized Training Institute for Midwives who work as freelancers, or for all those who aspire to become one.

The new frontier of training, which combines professional development and job requirements, will be presented during the ’Open Night, an evening in which everyone can participate for free. The event is scheduled for the May 2 at 8 p.m.30. The presentation of the training course will be made through a webinars namely a web-based seminar.

The training provided by the Midwifery Academy is divided into three levels, after which the trainees will have consolidated the knowledge they already possessed, and acquired new ones.

The courses are first, second and third level. The first and second level courses (H+1 and H+2) include the study of some subjects such as marketing, management, midwifery counseling and orientation to the profession. The third-level course (H+3) aims to deepen some of the themes of the previous two courses, and will have participants receive individualized counseling and meet individually with professionals in the field.

There is no fee for the first-level course, and places for participants are limited. All information on how to access the course or selection will be provided during the Open Night’Open Night.

How the lessons are conducted? All course lectures will be live webinars. Any device with an internet connection will be able to access the platform from which to participate in the webinar.

Midwifery Academy includes not only theoretical classes, but also active participation of companies in the field, outside professionals, and communities of mothers (local and national) who will interact with the students.

This innovative project is the result of the collaboration of a group of experts and companies that have years and years of experience in the maternal and infant sectors.

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