Tombrokaw Blog Halluxvalgus how it can be prevented

Halluxvalgus how it can be prevented

Halluxvalgus, how it can be prevented

Hallux valgus is a widespread condition that indicates outward displacement of the base of the big toe and deviation of the tip of the big toe toward the other toes.

There are several ways To prevent halluxvalgus:

  • choose comfortable shoes, Avoiding the use of heels, tight shoes especially at the toe. In fact, it has been found that wearing shoes that do not fit the physiognomy of the foot can lead to the onset of hallux valgus as well as the possibility of developing low back pain and lower limb pain. Better to prefer wearing footwear that fits the anatomical shape of the foot and supports the entire sole (e.g., sports shoes)
  • keep weight under control because body weight exerts pressure on the limbs subjecting them to excessive stress if obesity or overweight is present
  • embark on a path of postural re-education, so as to regain center of gravity and walk while balancing the weight on the feet appropriately
  • do exercises to postural gymnastics

If you already suffer from hallux valgus, you may experience minor symptoms such as swelling at the base of the big toe (onion), redness also around the big toe and thickening of the skin.

Even in these cases, exercises can be performed to prevent the situation from worsening.

The first is to stand upright and hold a ball like golf balls but softer under the foot; the exercise involves sliding the ball from the phalanx area to the heel.

The second exercise is performed by resting the back on the ground and placing the feet on the wall, keeping the knees at 90 degrees so that the soles are well adhered to the walls; then you have to raise the feet slowly starting from the heel, followed by the plantar arch and finally the phalanges.

Also, it is preferable to walk barefoot as much as possible for example at the beach, on a green lawn or even at home.

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