Tombrokaw Blog Breast prevention and care during pregnancy

Breast prevention and care during pregnancy

Breast prevention and care during pregnancy

During l’breast augmentation, you risk, however, especially those who do not have sufficiently elastic skin to incur the formation of anti-aesthetic stretch marks, not only can the constant swelling of the breasts cause us to experience pain and discomfort throughout the duration of pregnancy. The breast then needs treatment to avoid That it can be ruined forever.

Indeed, stretch marks initially appear as red lines that intersperse on the skin, as time goes on these branch out, taking on a whitish coloration similar to that of real scars. Unfortunately, stretch marks are anti-aesthetic e with time they can be so pronounced as to do not allow us to wear low-cut shirts and swimsuits, in some women the impact with stretch marks can be so disconcerting, as to cause problems with self-esteem and problems in intimate relationships.

For Maintaining the breast in its beauty original you need to prevent these marks from coming out, because if you do not operate with prevention, stretch marks can no longer be eliminated completely, but they will mark your breasts for life. To prevent all that, you need to start breast care from the first moment you find out that you are pregnant.

There are different oils and creams that can be used on the breasts, to help the skin remain more elastic, but also to relieve the pain of the’swelling. A very effective oil to keep breasts healthy and skin soft and glowing is l’olive oil’s, warming a knob of olive oil between your hands you have to spread it on the breast massaging it in circular motions, up to the tip of the nipple, in this way nourish relief for pain and you will help your skin not to stretch out. Once you have gently massaged your breasts you must allow the oil to dry, which is why it is helpful to slather it on before going to bed and cover it with a soft and not annoying bandage.

During pregnancy, however, it is advisable not to use push-up bras and underwires and especially too constricting, these restrict blood flow to the breasts, causing more pain and a greater likelihood of formation of unsightly stretch marks. At Health and Wellness you will find all the detailed tips for preserving the health and integrity of your breasts in pregnancy.

Another oil that can be used in addition to olive oil is l’almond oil, this’oil is soothing, that is, it helps to quell breast pain, but it is also very nourishing and fragrant, using it in the same way as olive oil, you will immediately notice a note of relief, and in the days to come you will notice that your decolletage looks healthier and your skin will be softer and shinier.

as well The’nutrition and exercise can help the breasts stay healthy and fit, light exercises for the upper body and arms will give more support to the breasts, which, working as a muscle, will avoid sagging. The’diet should be as balanced as possible, eliminate unsaturated fats from your diet, prefer saturated fats such as omega3 and omega6 also try to take the right intake of vitamins and fiber, ideal for keeping the skin strong and elastic.

The breast maintenance during pregnancy, will also be able to help you at the time of breastfeeding, when your breasts will be at their most productive and will certainly be of a greater volume and consistency. Living peacefully through pregnancy also respecting your body will make you face this period in a healthier and happier way, and above all will help you to resume in top shape your life after the nine months of pregnancy.

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