Tombrokaw Blog Bracciano – On stage day surgery the present and future prospects

Bracciano – On stage day surgery the present and future prospects

Bracciano – Day surgery on stage: the present and future prospects

This is the aim of the conference held on the 17th in the Asl Roma F at the Conference Hall of the old Bracciano Hospital.

As emerged during the conference, after the opening greeting by Bracciano Mayor Giuliano Sala, day surgery allows surgical treatments for pathology of small and medium complexity, under loco-regional, local, spinal or general anesthesia, with short hospital stay and discharge the same day of the surgery or the morning of the following day (one-day surgery).

The goal of this organizational process is to improve system efficiency by redefining the role of the hospital as a high-tech place of care, intended for the treatment of patients who need diversified levels of care.

In the course of the first part of the’event, The various aspects related to this issue have been examined. It started from the’organization of Day surgery in Lazio, and then moved on to the role of the general practitioner and the tasks of both the coordinator and the nurse in the management of this particular organizational model.

Of particular interest were the speeches by Dr. Ugo Baccaglini, regional manager for the Veneto region of Day Surgery , and Dr, Paolo Negro , head of Day Surgery at Policlinico Umberto 1° in Rome.

At second part of the day, the focus was, instead, on clinical risk management in Day surgery, and the medical-legal aspects related to it.

In the third part of the event, finally, the modality of Day surgery within the various complex operating units (vascular, orthopedic, ophthalmic, digestive, gynecologic, breast, proctologic and abdominal wall) was explored in depth.

The day, in a packed hall, saw the active participation of Dr. Giuseppe Quintavalle, General Director of Asl Roma F and scientific coordinator of the event, Dr Vittoria Pazzelli, Corporate head of Continuing Education, and Dr. Danilo Fusco, from the Epidemiological Department of the Lazio Region.

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