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Acquapendente – Hospital emergency room returns

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Acquapendente – Hospital, emergency room returns

The Particularly Distressed Area Hospital in Acquapendente is a reality. With the Resolution of the Asl of Viterbo n. 862 of 04/08/2015 on “Corporate Act: Approval of the Microstructure of the technical-administrative and technical-health areas of the ASL of Viterbo” are finally put in black and white the endowments for the Acquapendente hospital: Emergency Room, 20 beds of General Medicine, a UOS of Anesthesia and operating room, a UOS of Surgery that guarantees Day surgery and One day surgery, Diagnostic Imaging with telemedicine and telehealth and High Specialization for the Analytical Laboratory.

“Our hospital returns to being a health facility in all respects and able to respond to the needs of the territory – declares Mayor Alberto Bambini -. The publication of this Corporate Act on Microstructures gives us reason for all the battles we have fought until now, knowing that we had to all together defend the Acquapendente hospital in the interest of citizens and the right to health.”.

In the Corporate Act, explicit reference is made to the Ministry of Health Decree of 09/26/2014, which declared the Acquapendente facility a “Hospital Facility of Particularly Distressed Area” with the need for a certain equipment to respond to emergency-urgency situations.

“I want to thank Lazio Region President Nicola Zingaretti, Councillors Panunzi and Valentini, and Viterbo ASL Commissioner Luigi Macchitella for keeping their promises over the past months.

Our requests have always been motivated by safety and conviction to ask only what was necessary for the safety of our communities. On the strength of this, we have moved forward and I thank the citizens and associations of the entire area for supporting us along this path, and I thank all the political forces present inside and outside the City Council with whom, with some distinctions, we have worked together for the sacrosanct right to health.

This achievement is a victory for the entire community, which will finally be able to have at its disposal a health facility equipped with an emergency room and the basic services appropriate to the reality and need of the area, which are what citizens demand every day”.

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